Abouel Yazeed

Take a stroll with me down memory lane....... It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Abouel Yazeed Group. The company has always held a special place in my heart, it is my pride and joy and represents decades of my life’s experiences. It is a truly personal testament to the fact that working with honesty, integrity & passion are investments in success! I have been fortunate to witness the tremendous growth of the company and with a growing sense of pride, the success we have experienced over the last 50 years. I still recall the early days of my youth, getting excited about spending time with my father at our small, manual workshop and observing the technical craft of the business. Little did I know at that point, the impact that those visits would have on my own skills and expertise as well as how they would shape my future. Several decades later, we have so many accomplishments that I regard with great pride. Our massive expansion required relocating to 6 October, to premises 10 times the size of our original workshop. Our investment in cutting edge capital equipment meant that we could open up our business to the entire local market and develop international partnerships and alliances. Our obsession with quality established our reputation and contributed to us taking and sustaining the leading market position. Our belief that ‘people make the difference’ resulting in our recruitment and development of skilled, qualified technicians and professionals, creating a culture of team effectiveness. More recently, we have taken bold steps to secure our future success by diversifying and expanding our portfolio. We have further invested in state of the art equipment and bolstered our sustainability by re-organising our infrastructure to manage in changing times and uncertain business environments. Our restructured company operates within a best practice system and has been realigned to our meet our future business needs. Our ambitious strategic plans are focused on regional and international markets. I look forward to our infinite growth and success and to recalling these days with you, as we witness history in the making. Mohamed Abouel Yazeed Chairman

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