One of the most famous producers of metis and flans in the Perm region is the Absida plant. During its existence, the company has established itself as a stable partner, which produces flanks that meet all the requirements of GOSTs, which, in turn, guarantees the exceptional quality of materials. Given that the pipeline rebar is subjected to high loads by its purpose, the company pays special attention to the strength parameters. Before the sale of the product are tested, which confirms the operational suitability of the materials. The production of flanks provides for strict compliance with technological requirements. The slightest deviation from the norm can lead to the release of marriage, and this is unacceptable. To eliminate the risk of non-conformity of characteristics established by the norms, Absida flan plant strictly monitors each stage of the production process. The company's state-of-the-art equipment makes it possible to produce a huge number of nomenclature positions that are able to meet the demand of any production organization. Absida currently occupies one of the leading positions among the manufacturers of these products. The flansk plant has a huge supply of metal, which makes it possible to produce large batches of materials as soon as possible. The finished products, presented by a wide range of items, are also stored in the company's own warehouses. If necessary, the plant manufactures various parts according to the customer's sketches, which allows the customer to solve a large number of production tasks. The entire range produced by the company corresponds to the stated specifications and GOST.

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