Chairman: Mamdoh Abo Gabel New rise in the world of UPVC pipes with modern technology and great experience, reaching perfection in world and Egyptian specification with modern development techniques. The uPVC pipes grid for water supply and irrigation is one of the vital processes that affects country economy and people live. Also uPVC pipes are the most safer kind of pipes for water supply and also suitable for irrigation, with longer life-time by more than 50 years in the production condition according to world specifications from the installation of the material , production with the scientific installation by excel scientific way. In Al Fagr Co. we guarantee high quality for the production and fine compatibility for the world specification as a unique advantage for our company from more than 25 years ago of experience and good reputation inside and outside Egyptian market also by owning a modern technology and high quality machine. We give you the best after-sale services in instruction and supervision during work cycle, installation for the network water supply and irrigation by scientific, technical way to keep safety and perfection of projects. Dear consul and contractor Over the years, our relationship was built on being not just as friends but as brothers on the basis of satisfying our shared interests to produce the best pipes and to save water. The only way for reaching such goals is to keep being hard working searching for the best.

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