We are the official dealer  Cervona zirka, Kirovograd, Ukraine. We offer you products: Spare parts for tractors MTH-80,82, MTH-1221, SMH, T-40, DT-75, K-700,701, T-130, to Combines of Niva, Yenisei.- On soil processing equipment (lemech, dumps, plough racks, sweaty boards, paws of the cultivator, etc.) RSH (Rubtsov spare parts factory) Equipment for farms and private backyards (milking machines, milking machines, hoses, pulsators, rubber nipple, etc.) Bolts, nuts, washers, Hydraulic bearings (NS pumps gear, hydrodispensers, RVD - high-pressure sleeves, hydromotors, hydropowers, hydro pumps) Подробнее:

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