OUR COMPANY'S MISSION Mass production of all kinds of industrial chains in several product quality categories and helping customers solve problems with chain drives. Akmash-Holding is a manufacturer of chain products for such industries as machine engineering, agriculture, lumber processing, oil and gas, metal production. Our products offer a slew of special characteristics that set them apart from the competition. Most of our solutions aim to improve strength and service life, which is achieved through, among other things, the use of special materials designed for operation in extreme temperatures. We are constantly developing new technology solutions that seek to meet the needs of our customers. Our product range comprises over 40 000 items in such categories as: drive chains leaf chains, conveyor chains, round steel link chains, drop forged fork link chains, chain conveyors, long-link chain conveyors for harvesters non-standard chains including special attachment chains for imported equipment, sprockets, couplings, shafts, screws. The benefits of cooperating with us: a broad range of products on offer, several stages of quality assurance and quality certificates, a large pool of special purpose and standard equipment, highly experienced technicians on staff, ability to use a broad range of materials, a large chain of regional warehouses and branches, official warranty; import substitution projects and technologies; highly skilled staff who will help you pick the right chain solution for you or offer an option that will ensure high reliability and a long service life. Производство цепей. Акмаш-Холдинг . Цепи серии HS Производство цепей. Акмаш-Холдинг . Цепи серии HS

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