AL FATH has a professional service & marketing team since 1987 with high experience in product application and production processes. Our expertise consists of industrial specialties for metal surface finishing & electroplain & Industrial oils & lubricants and Heat treament salts. We advise and support you, how to use our products in the most economical and technically efficient way. Also we will assist you to take advantages and make savings by our pre-sales consulting, after-sale services, technical support, chemical services, and logistic services. Our Mission AL FATH is reaching out to serve a wide range of customer base in the industrial sector by offering unique specialty lubrication solutions and metal services for the most harsh and exceptional operating conditions through a highly dedicated and specialized team of sales, production and technical support. Our Vision AL FATH shall become internationally recognized for the unmatched support to enhancing its customers’ competitive advantage by offering innovative and unique solutions that will contribute to their cost reduction and quality enhancement.

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