ALLSKOG sells 1 million meters of timber from the forest. We have 70 percent of the market share in our areas from Møre og Romsdal up to and including the former county of Troms. We have approx. contractors consisting of 40 logging teams with almost 150 machine operators who cut timber on contract for us. In 2019, approx. 2,200 forest owners our 1 million m³ of timber for regional industry. ALLSKOG has 100 employees, including subsidiaries, with headquarters at Tunga in Trondheim. We are locally present with 80 forest owner teams and offices in all our areas. We are a strong link between the forest owner, the contractors, the transporters and the industry. SAMVIRKEFORETAK ALLSKOG is a cooperative owned by and exists for forest owners in Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland and Troms. We currently have 7800 unit holders. ALLSKOG's purpose is to work for the unit holders' financial interests associated with the property. We are a robust organization with high competence in all forest services a forest owner needs. Our expertise can help increase the value and return on your forest property. ALLSKOG is also a member of the Norwegian Forest Owners' Association .

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