History HomeAbout the companyHistory Ametrin FC LLC is a reliable partner in the supply of a wide range of certified medicines to pharmacy chains and treatment and prevention facilities throughout Ukraine. Stages of company formation 2018 The company is one of the 5 leaders in the pharmaceutical market. Difficult competition in the market requires its participants, pharmaceutical distributors to quickly innovate in response to consumer demands. It is impossible to remain in the list of leaders without making qualitative changes aimed at improving the level of internal management and improving the services offered to its customers. 2016 Opening of the second regional warehouse in Kyiv Dynamic growth and development is always the result of the company 's focus on strategic business objectives. One of the main goals of Ametrin FC LLC is to focus on the interests of the client. 2009 Signing of the first 5 foreign economic contracts. Foreign economic partnership is another priority of our company. The Ukrainian pharmaceutical market is very attractive for foreign drug manufacturers. Its conjuncture and potential, as well as the experience of Ametrin FC LLC are the key to success. 1996-98 Opening and operation of 7 regional warehouses in Ukraine. 1995 Year of establishment of the direction of sale of medicines and medical devices.

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