AVAGRO sprayers

Where are AVAGRO sprayers produced? AVAGRO sprayers are developed and produced at the eponymous plant located in Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan). The company has a full production cycle - from design to manufacturing and testing of finished products. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 quality standard, all products produced comply with international standards. Continuous renewal of the machine fleet and the introduction of process automation systems allow each season to improve the serial models of sprayers, as well as to create and launch new product samples. AVAGRO sprayers are designed in the company's own design bureau by a team of qualified professionals. With the help of modern software, the necessary calculations are made with simulation of dynamic loads. Before launching into mass production, the sprayer nodes are thoroughly tested at special stands and test sites. The work on the opening and cutting of the metal is carried out on plasma and laser equipment, allowing to cut with high accuracy parts of any shape from the profile and sheet of different thickness with minimal waste. Modern welding equipment of the German firm LORCH - one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, provides high accuracy and quality of welding. The most responsible nodes of mass-produced sprayers are made using robotic welding complexes. In the mechanical processing shop, the bet is placed on high-performance processing centers and multipurpose turning machines with CNC. The polyethylene containers, which are equipped with AVAGRO sprayers, are made on special equipment using rotational molding technology. Introduced modern technologies at the painting stage allow to get high-strength coatings. The company's importance is given to the training and development of staff. Seminars are held aimed at improving the skills of employees, timely mastery of current changes and innovations in the enterprise and in the industry as a whole.

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