B2B Electrical Engineering

B2B - your partner for printed circuit boards and electronic products Whether you need a single PCB service or complete electronic product, B2B is your point of contact. We can develop your idea to a finished product, or can help you in any stage of the design and production process. With over 15 years experience in the electronic industry, B2B offers design, delivery and production of printed circuit boards, electronic components, modules and devices. We offer flexible and cost effective customized solutions, consistent with the specific customer requirements. With B2B you have the advantage to work with a partner with knowledge of all stages in the production of the electronic device - from R&D to the assembly and testing, their interaction and influence over the finished product. The products produced and delivered by B2B are used in different fields of the electronic industry including medical and military devices. We develop long term partnership with our customers based on our efforts to satisfy their requirements in every aspect of service and quality. B2B is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our main customers are companies from USA, Germany, China, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherland, France, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Israel etc.

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