HISTORY OF THE COMPANY 1994 - Foundation of the Company BaDM. Construction of business started with the cooperation with three domestic pharmaceutical companies. 1996 - 20 international contracts for the supply of medicines were signed and the company's development strategy as a National distributor on the market was chosen. 1998 - The first regional warehouse in Krivoy Rog was opened. 1999-2001 - Company were growing, creating a network of structural divisions in the cities of Ukraine. The first multifunctional warehouse and office complex was opened in Dnepropetrovsk. 2000 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Kiev. 2002 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Kharkov. 2005 - Opening of the structural division of the Company BaDM in Vinnytsia. 2006 - BaDM became the national leader in terms of volume of medications sales. Direct contracts have been concluded with 79 world-known manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products from 24 countries, and more than 300 contracts with national producers. New administrative and warehouse center was built in Dnepropetrovsk ( ​​12,000 m2 in area ). 2007 - New warehouse was built in Krivoy Rog ( ​​2500 m2 in area). Company entered into agreements with 5,000 legal entities and 20,000 pharmacies and medical institutions. 2008 - Structural units were opened in Nikolayev and Poltava. The warehouse in Donetsk is extended to an area of ​​5 500 m2. New distribution center was opened in Dnepropetrovsk (area 10 700 m2, height - 12 m). 2009 - Warehouse in the city of Lvov was opened ( ​​7,000 m2 in area). BaDM has become for the first time the winner of all-Ukrainian contest of pharmaceutical industry professionals by having received Panacea award in the

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