Bolivian Electric is located in SANTA CRUZ

Mission Inspire, implement and provide innovative solutions in lighting and electrical material for the development and growth of our country accompanied by our experience in the field. Committed to serving our customers with the best quality and efficiency, offering a variety of products recognized in the electrical industry. Vision To be recognized nationally and internationally as a serious and efficient company facilitator of electrical materials, fulfilling a leading role in the development of our city and country, offering the service and technical advice that our customers deserve. Who We Are BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC is an import company with many years of experience in the commercialization of internationally renowned electrical products, High, Medium, Low Voltage and the widest range of electrical products in general. It was founded on April 23, 1999 by Mr. Jorge Urcullo M. together with his wife María Angela Montenegro B., where the essential motivation of this family business has been innovation coupled with efficient customer service. To improve our services, in 2008, BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC began its expansion by starting its activities with two branches, one in the center of the country in the city of Cochabamba and another in one of Bolivia's youngest cities the Alto, La Paz. Since then, over the years we have incorporated new product lines with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs. In August 2016, BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC took a momentous step by ceding its name to a friendly company, ELECTRIC MUNDIAL, which transformed its trade name by BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC itself, under the social reason of BOLIVIAN GROUP S.R.L. this always thinking about the expansion of the market and the new horizons. In January 2018, the Cochabamba branch became part of this change, opening its doors under the social reason of BOLIVIAN GROUP S.R.L. Currently, BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC has met its goals, participating in important projects and contributing to the development of the country, being its main clients Electric Cooperatives, Energy Transmission Companies, Energy Generating Companies, Mining Companies, Petroleum Companies, Industrialists, Ingenios, Builders or Civil Works. In this way, BOLIVIAN ELECTRIC, in parallel and increasingly, fulfills its main mission of being a benchmark committed to the Bolivian market.

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