Welcome to Logo We are glad to have you on our website. Our goal is to provide you with premium quality bakery products from our comprehensive assortment. What makes BROT - Bread and Roll special, is the fact that we import numerous bread specialties directly from Germany and offer them fresh from the oven to you all over Africa. Tourism orientated businesses, supermarkets and other retailers which place bulk orders can be delivered directly with this imported bread. Furthermore we provide industrial and private consumers with various types of high quality flour which we import for you directly from Europe. In addition to this German bread specialties - all according to a high health and wellness standard - we would like to spoil you with various other bakery products like rolls, croissants, various cakes and snacks - all fresh from the oven and prepared in traditional style in one of our shops. Enjoy the friendly service of our staff as well as the superior quality of our products which will delight your senses. And should you need a catering service for special occasions like e.g. birthday parties, anniversaries etc. please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to our world of pleasure! Your BROT - Bread and Roll-Team

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