Presentation BULENGINEERING COMPANY is a company with economic activity related to the installation of machinery and equipment, technical maintenance, service and design. The commercial and consulting policies are characterized by an individual approach to the client and are aimed at applying the world experience in the field of cleaning equipment and technologies in all spheres of the economy – pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, electronics, food industry, hospitals, partnership with professional cleaning companies, manufacturing enterprises, hotels, kitchens, restaurants, catering companies, state institutions, administrative buildings, etc. The company has been registered and operates since 1996. Bulengineering Company Ltd. implemented and received certificates for the standards BDS EN ISO 9001 (quality management), BDS EN ISO 14001 (environment) and BS OHSAS 18001 (health and safety at work) from TUF RHINELAND-BULGARIA Ltd. We have specific and accurate solutions for cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and protection of modern coatings in all their diversity and specific features. Customer care, individual approach and assistance in solving emerging problems in this field are a top priority in our business. As a matter of priority we are focused on new products, machines, technologies and KNOW-HOW . Be Cleany is registered own trademark of the company on 20.10.2008. BULENGINEERING is an exclusive trading and service partner for Bulgaria of: PREMIUM Partner of NILFISK – full range of cleaning machines; – multifunctional utility machines for cleaning and maintaining separate urban areas during the four seasons, special machines for cleaning aircraft runways and roads after accidents; PREMIUM Партньор на NILFISK OUTDOOR DIVISION INDUSTRIAL VACUUMS DIVISION – industrial and special vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum systems and vacuum conveyors; WERNER & MERTZ – Germany – detergents and biocides TANA for professional and industrial cleaning and disinfection; PREMIUM Партньор на NILFISK VERMOP – systems with KNOW-HOW,trolleys, mops, accessories and technologies for manual professional cleaning; FILMOP – accessories, accessories and service carts for manual professional cleaning; 3M – pads and materials for processing floor coverings; METSA / KATRIN – disposable towels, dispensers, liquid soaps, industrial papers ; HAUG – brushes, brooms and accessories for manual, professional and industrial cleaning. VIPER - professional cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners; BIMACK / KLINDEX - special machines for grinding, polishing and renovation of hard flooring; Mercury by COMET – a wide range of steam jet and water jet machines.

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