Carey Management Inc. (CMI)

Carey Management Inc. (CMI) is a Canadian-based, privately owned conglomerate with interests in Land Management, Supply Chain Distribution and Logistics, Finance, International Import/ Export, Golf Properties and Philanthropy. As one of Canada's largest, privately owned companies, CMI's operations are diverse and international in scope with an unbroken history of operational experience dating from the company’s inception in 1921. Founded and based in western Canada, CMI currently manages Canada’s largest independent distributor of tobacco, confectionery, grocery and food-service products with operations that extend from the Pacific to the Atlantic and all the way north to Canada’s third coast in the Arctic. Every year the company delivers millions of products to both national and independent retailers in the gas, convenience, entertainment and grocery channels. CMI also holds a broad portfolio of Canadian land holdings strategically located and managed in both the recreational (golf) and commercial sectors. The company’s eye for opportunity, along with its proven logistics expertise, led it to establish an international base of operations in Turkey in 2006. At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a recognized candidate nation for membership in the European Union, presenting unlimited opportunities and potential for growth in international markets. In addition to international trade, expertise in financing has become the backbone of CMI’s success, with an enviable track record backing successful ventures, arranging financing of new business models, staking ownership in profitable business opportunities and establishing win/win financing with third parties. The consistent outcomes of CMI’s financial acumen have been a winning record of growth, success and rewards for all parties involved. Creative, resourceful and innovative, Carey Management boasts almost a century of expertise that we can put to work for you.

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