Cefetra Ibérica

Cefetra Ibérica is a Spanish company that is part of the German group BayWa, and that operates in Spain and Portugal. We design efficient supply chains based on excellent logistics between suppliers around the world, in such a way that our clients benefit from our extensive global network. We only work with raw materials of high nutritional quality and the highest food safety standards. We choose sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions from the source. That is why we also work in the field of digitization and new technologies: to optimize processes, be more efficient and competitive. Our mission is to provide real value to our clients, without neglecting social responsibility and always keeping in mind quality, sustainability, and efficiency. We care as much about the planet as about people. We design an optimal supply chain that is adaptable to the different needs that arise in a market that is in constant motion. We provide fast and efficient solutions for our clients, wherever they are and when they need us. We work in constant cooperation with our global network of partners, and we take advantage of the group's synergies, which maximize our value chain. OUR FACILITIES At Cefetra Ibérica we know that the Spanish market cannot be understood without one foot on the ground and without serving the farmers in their own home. That is why from our start of activity, we decided to bet on local commerce and direct customer service with partners and collaborators of the highest level of trust and with penetration in key productive areas of Spain.

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