A pioneer in the development of lightweight concrete solutions based on polystyrene for filling and regularizing floors, Contraven is now a reference in technical solutions for coatings and floors. Bet on proximity to the client in order to ensure adequate advice and consequent customer satisfaction. With production units in Portugal and Angola it has industrial areas that exceed 10,000m2. With a young, dynamic and specialized team, Contraven positions itself in the market as a reference company in the area of pavements. We invest in research and development, in order to ensure our client adequate advice to the technical requirements exerted on the pavement and to expand more and more the solutions available to our customers. Over these 18 years solutions have been developed and improved, detaining Contraven a very wide portfolio of products under the own brands Betcel, Betespuma, Betnível, Betforma, Betfloor, Confloor and Conwall. Contraven's solutions are across borders with presence in the most emblematic works of Portugal and Angola and numerous reference works in the European, African and American continent.

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