Coolibree GmbH

having worked for the past 20 years in international trade of paper and pulp, we have started our own business in September 2007. COOLIBREE GmbH specializes in international trade of natural products. Having started with a team consisting of an experienced trader and a fully fledged administration and documentation manager, we have meanwhile enlarged our team in Vienna by an experienced financial manager, as well as additional support for our sales administration. Parallel our agency and sales network abroad has been strengthened by a Sales Manager located in East Africa and another Purchasing Manager for Russia, next to our agency network. The whole team is equipped with all technical know-how for the International trade in paper and pulp and has developed excellent intercultural competence which is an important qualification to strengthen the confidence towards our existing and future supplier and customer base. Since our start in 2007 our growth and turnover has developed on a safe and continuous way despite the past difficult economic and financial turbulences challenging our young company. We would like to thank all our partners for their trust and support you have shown in our COOLIBREE team from the beginning and look forward to mutually grow further in the coming years and to doing business with you. Florian Demmer MD, COOLIBREE GmbH, Vienna

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