Coral Energy

What we do We deliver energy products from a multitude of sources to the international markets. In a world of complex energy interdependence, we connect producers to end-consumers by using our proprietary knowledge, established infrastructure and logistical networks. In a dynamic global trading environment, we ensure steady deliveries of oil and oil products from supplier to consumer by making practical and effective use of our global partnerships, while remaining dedicated to the utmost operational standards and adhering to strict risk management processes. The cornerstone of our philosophy for conducting business lies in building and developing strategic partnerships with our customers that help them meet their business objectives and fulfill their enterprise needs. Our commitment to provide high-quality energy products in a timely and efficient manner is strictly upheld by our experienced personnel, making it the foundation of our business process Mission & Vision Currently, we are one of the few oil and petroleum products trading companies with truly global presence and comprehensive coverage of all major markets. Coral Energy’s vast reach enables us to expand our trading and servicing activities in a pursuit of sustainable growth for our business. We rely on our organizational structure and corporate values to maintain a competitive edge and drive our employees towards greater efficiency within the rapidly developing industry environment. Our mission is to foster global presence through a combination of sustainable supply, operational flexibility and hedging practices Structure As an energy trading company with a comprehensive international presence and robust coverage of all major markets, we offer a vast array of services supported by a constantly evolving and innovative business solutions. We organize our work process and operational structure in accordance with the services that we offer – financial, operational, logistical and hedge. This approach facilitates a uniform processing and accurate trading execution of our comprehensive portfolio of products, ensures reliability and transparency towards our partners and introduces significant economies of scope, thus minimizing our costs. Overall, our strong position within the commodities trading value chain, provides us with numerous competitive advantages and enables us to strive for continuous operational excellence Corporate Governance As a commodity trading firm, we recognize the importance of responsible sourcing, storage and delivery of petroleum products. Our goal is to create long-term value for our partners and stakeholders through the implementation of: 1. Responsible corporate governance; 2. Sustainable and responsible growth. Under our responsible corporate governance policy, we aim to provide a fostering and nurturing work environment to our personnel that accommodates their development and instills our core values – entrepreneurship, excellence, integrity, stewardship, sustainability – in our employees. Acknowledging the fact that the impact of our work goes beyond our partners and shareholders, we strive to influence the communities surrounding us in a positive way by encouraging volunteering and community service activities. Growing in a sustainable and responsible manner is of high priority to our company as we aim to preserve the environment for the future generations by utilizing creative and innovative solutions in all aspects of our work. These solutions aim to improve the efficiency of our processes so that we can optimize our practices and generate an increased output using fewer resources.

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