Dacapo Stainless A/S

Sometimes it can seem difficult to buy stainless steel. It is difficult to get an overview of the availability, price and delivery times. Secrecy seems to be the norm and it is not easy to access the full transparency of your orders and of your buying history. Then again - at Dacapo Stainless it IS different. We want to follow a different track. We want to lead in the industry. We want to make it simple, transparent and a thoroughly great experience to buy stainless steel. Through close and honest dialogue with our customers, we aim to develop tailor made solutions, making the most competitive prices and the best availability entirely possible. In other words – Dacapo is easy to do business with. In a world that is becoming more digitalized and where the possibility exists to add value and competitive advantage through data exchange, our industry is lagging behind. The industry knows the digital opportunities exist, but they are rarely, if ever discussed. Should digitalization ever be raised as a topic, it is usually just to claim that digital solutions are not suited to the sale of stainless steel! We are Dacapo and we do not say that! We have many years of stainless steel experience, but we are not burdened by traditions. We do not cling to old black & white photos of how things used to be. We want to move forward and to use existing and future technological solutions for the benefit of our customers and ourselves.

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