Dream Celsius

international-trade Dream Trading division, is the #No 1 supplier in export/import of soft commodities, commercial, industrial products and all cash crops. The international trade which has a vast range of industries. We are engaged in trade and distribution of products across the globe. The likes of importers, exporters and freight forwarders are required to act as intermediaries who facilitate the business side of international transactions, while shipping clerks oversee the activities process of goods coming in and going out of the country. The necessity for international trade comes down to three fundamental things: availability, status and price. The reason for a company importing goods and raw material comes down to the fact that certain things are not available in some countries. Dreamcelsius Group division exports and import a wide range of commodities with a comprehensive trading products portfolio that consist of commodities: cooking oil, sauces, spices, Maize (White/Yellow), sunflower, wheat, sugar beans, oats, wet maize fiber, palm & olive oil, sugar, fertilizers, poultry, birds feed, chemicals and petro chemicals, machines, reflective products, tapes (adhesive & non-adhesive), safety wear, work wear, tools and equipment, solar generators, water pumps, electronics, furniture and aromatics raw material ingredients. Each and every year the Group grow in leaps and bounds in line of business meeting present and future needs ensuring efficiency and environmental integrity in our business operations.

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