Espirituosos España

What is Spirits Spain? Spirits Spain is the Spanish Federation of Spirits, an entity that groups 100% of the sector that produces and distributes spirits and derived products in Spain. Our companies reconcile the millenary activity of distillation from agricultural raw materials (wine, cereals, beets, cane, fruit, etc.), using traditional production methods with a continuous search for quality, a firm commitment to comply with all sanitary and hygiene guarantees, as well as compliance with the highest standards of respect for the environment. All this, in an innovative sector, committed to society to promote responsible consumption. Spirits Spain is the expression of the strength of a united and transparent sector, which has undergone an important transformation in the last 20 years. The Federation has a clear vocation of service to its associates, but also to society in general, as demonstrated by the intense policy of social responsibility that it develops. European leaders Spirits Spain is part of the SpiritsEUROPE sector association (European Confederation of Manufacturers of Spirits). From its international contacts, the Federation obtains experience and knowledge of what happens in other countries, being a leader in Europe in the development of initiatives in the field of social responsibility. A Responsible Industry Spirits Spain brings together a sector that generates wealth and employment for Spanish society. The companies that make up the association are an engine for the economy and employment in our country. Spirits Spain aims to inform and promote the active social responsibility of the sector and enhance the vocation of transparency in its activity. Thus, the Federation develops an intense policy of social responsibility, to promote moderate, sensible and responsible consumption, and prevent the improper consumption of alcoholic beverages, highlighting its work in the fight against consumption in risk groups (minors, drivers and pregnant women). ).

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