Floralp was born from the innocent vision of a Swiss child in 1929, when his school teacher told them that South America Existed ... that knowledge planted in the small and skinny Oskar Purtschert Scheidegger the clear illusion of coming to these lands. Twenty years later, that boy who decided by himself from the age of fourteen to go another way than what his father told him ... (Go to the village cloth factory) was already a professional cheesemaker. Wherever he went he left traces of fidelity, honesty and initiative; punctuality and accuracy. Suddenly in his school the proposal appears that a cheesemaker travel to Ecuador with a two-year contract to make Swiss cheeses, despite the mockery of his director who told him that in South America big and sturdy people are needed, he immediately goes to the call He talks to the interested party and they agree to his arrival, but not before receiving the recommendation that if he has a girl, he should take her with him ... and he did so; in February 1949 they began their adventure in South America. Ecuador arrives to make mature cheeses ... bad idea, they didn't eat that cheese here so it was because of a more or less unsuccessful project, during those years he had contact with a schoolmate in Switzerland who invited him to Argentina to work for two years . Before traveling south, they hold an exhibition in Cuenca attended by Galo Plaza Lasso, then president of the republic, who is pleasantly impressed and agrees to return from Argentina to make cheese on his farm in the north of the country. His family grows, he spends five years with his wife in Zuleta and then seven years in San Gabriel, already with six children they face the decision to stay or return to Switzerland, they take the alternative of making their life in Ecuador and decide to start their own business Láctea, a project that began in 1964, creating what is now Floralp in Ecuador.

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