Fritz & Frida

A reference brand of the Fröhlich Group, Fritz & Frida has always valued quality combined with affection. Their food recalls the kitchen, the warmth of the home and the traditional values ​​of the family, which were always present in every step taken by the founders. The Fritz brand emerged in 1982, inspired by the nickname Alfredo Nicolau Fröhlich, founder of the Fröhlich group, encouraged by his son Lauro, current president of the company. But it was necessary to give Fritz a company. And that's how, years later, Frida appeared, a cheerful and friendly lady. In 1999, the two characters rejuvenated and merged into the Fritz & Frida brand, which became the flagship of Fröhlich's food products. The Fritz & Frida brand has been consolidated and taken root based on respect, trust and quality. It currently has approximately 300 items in its product mix, such as grains, cereals, farinaceous, spices, desserts, teas and canned goods. All products stand out for the brand slogan: “Fritz & Frida. Feed your life with quality”. More than an advertising speech, the phrase is a true expression of the company's DNA.

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