Technigraph is a company specialized in the technique of graphic arts; it was created in 1988. it owes its success to its dynamic and orderly management by a team of ambitious young people. It manufactures and distributes more stationery and office articles very appreciated and known in the national market. Moreover, it is one of important raw printing continuously whose product is paper brand list GALAXY . Given the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its customers, its sales are increasing year after year. For the sake of proximity to its customers, Technigraph has created sales depots in Algiers, Oran and Constantine. Similarly, Technigraph has won the confidence of national and international suppliers thanks to its seriousness and its creative spirit. The Technigraph company is also helping to reduce unemployment because it employs more than 100 workers. Always at the forefront of progress, it continues to develop to be at the forefront in the quality of its products.

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