About Us Since 1989, Group leader in logistics solutions in the supply chain and marketing of grains, oilseeds and ingredients for the food and animal feed industry. Grupo Graneles has offices to support its operations in the United States, Argentina and Brazil, with centralized coordination from its main office in Chile. Graneles's mission is to build trusting relationships with its customers and long-term strategic suppliers, seeking to optimize the needs of both in order to meet them in a timely, efficient and low-cost manner throughout the supply chain. Grupo Graneles' business model is based on a fully integrated logistics formula, which includes services such as: maritime transport, collection, storage and land transport, commercialization of grains for the food and animal feed industry, risk management and financing. The business model is based on three pillars: (i) Knowledge of our markets and industries; (ii) understanding the needs of our customers; and (iii) Graneles' close and permanent collaboration with its customers and suppliers to take advantage of synergies and improve our services along the value chain.

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