Helios Metal Center Ltd

HMC AD is a family company established in 1990 as a company for trade in ferrous metals and over the years the focus has gradually shifted to production. The first processing activity, which is still strongly represented in the company's portfolio, is processing and production of reinforcement billet Class I, II and III. In 2005 we built our main production base for metal structures, and step by step we improved and increased our production capacity. We have successfully implemented a quality and environmental management system ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004. The company's headquarters are in Plovdiv, and we have offices and production facilities in Sofia and Burgas. With the good logistical location of our bases and maintenance of our own heavy vehicles, in a short time we reach our customers to any point in Bulgaria and neighboring countries. To date, with the experience gained from the sites we have realized over the years, we can safely say that we are a factor company in the production and installation of metal structures and equipment, processing of rebar, and trade in rebar. The company has certificates for construction from the

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