OUR ESSENCE Life is made up of stories. And the stories come when we least expect it. Stories come from people, from encounters and mismatches. The beautiful and the ugly, the color and the absence of color. Contrast and dichotomy. The stories come out of you. Your family. Your friends. Of the adventures and misadventures that weave your day-to-day life. This is our story. It is the textures and inspirations that we bring from street markets around the world that carry with them the chronicles of different cities, different countries and different people that will conquer their environments. We explore, research and discover homes, markets, shapes, processes and ideas so you can have at your fingertips the most exciting and inspiring products to transform your home. Your world. At the beginning and end, it is the eclectic environments, loaded with color and aromas, from places as different and distant as Paris, Cairo, Marrakech, New Delhi or Shanghai that help us dye the walls of your home. At Kinda Home we travel the world so that your home can tell your story. And so you can have your dream home

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