About MG MG Marketing was established in 1923 by a small band of resolute growers to leverage greater value for their produce. It was from these humble beginnings that the foundations were laid for a successful co-operative that values the benefits of shared knowledge and collective capability. Today, MG represents over 400 grower shareholders. together v5 peter square3 MG takes great pride in the level of satisfaction our growers gain from the way we deliver procurement, marketing, forecasting, sales and distribution services. We are more than a link in the chain, we’re the marketing arm of the growers we work with. Our long history of success is due to the strength of our growers and their vision to realise the significance of working together. peter sig Peter Hendry CEO Leading Supplier We work closely with retail chains and independent outlets to provide top quality produce, both home-grown and from abroad. Our import programme remains an integral part of our sales mix and service proposition. In our procurement division, we have skilled and dedicated resource in place, both here in New Zealand and strategically located in California, to maintain our leading market position. Importing fruit and vegetables from production areas that often stretch the shelf life limits remains the key challenge for this business - a challenge which requires constant focus and adaptation in order to achieve the right results for MG and our customers. We are very fortunate To work with global industry leaders, such as Dole and Sunkist, along with many large scale and family growing operations that support MG in this quest. Our Strategic Pillars MG'S CORE PURPOSE IS TO GROW THE OVERALL WEALTH AND PROFITABILITY OF THE CO-OPERATIVE, ITS SHAREHOLDERS AND GROWERS THROUGH RELEVANT INITIATIVES WHILE MAINTAINING CO-OPERATIVE PRINCIPLES. ®TOGETHER.STRONGER. RESILIENCE Show true leadership to grow the business and overcome challenges by making decisions that protect the future of our grower co-operative and make sure the benefits are enjoyed by generations to come. VALUE Keep reviewing the benefits our grower shareholders receive while finding new and relevant ways to add value. CO-OPERATIVE BEHAVIOUR Work hard together to make sure the benefits of our co-operative model drive growth, value, trust and a willingness to work closely alongside each other. PARTNERSHIPS Expand the level of communication to keep our grower shareholders up-to-date and support a positive delivery of our shared vision, direction and values. GROWTH Diversify and expand produce lines locally as well as make our co-operative attractive to off-shore markets so we can grow our export activity. CAPABILITY Continue to have the best people, doing the right job, with the right tools to support the wide range of needs of our grower network.

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