Mister Produce Ltd

About Us Owned and operated by Mark Goodman, Rich Donsky, and Marks youngest son Zachary Goodman. Mister Produce continues a family tradition established more than seventy years ago. Starting in the 1930s, the Goodman family became a staple member of the produce industry. Signing the lease for a 200-square foot storefront in Toronto's historical Kensington market marked the beginning of a successful career in the industry, four generations later Max's legacy is still working hard to grow and expand. SERVICES Mister Produce can accommodate any processed (value added) vegetable needs that you may require. Our in-house preparation of chemical-free, fresh-cut produce, Mister Produce can provide a wide array of innovative cost-saving and value-added programs that are specifically designed to meet your specific requirements. FACILITIES Mister Produce is a fresh produce distribution enterprise operating out of an impressive fifty thousand square foot facility. The obvious difference in scope between Mister Produce and Max’s sole proprietorship has generated an important new augmentation of the latter’s basic philosophy. OUR FLEET The extensive transportation network employs a fleet of fourteen trucks which are scheduled for delivery twice daily (a.m./p.m.). In addition to this unique service we also offer Sunday deliveries to ensure that Mister Produce is the most capable of satisfying virtually any customer’s delivery requirements. Quality is guaranteed through our five-minute proximity to the Ontario Food Terminal and the full rotation of stock in a maximum thirty six hour period.

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