Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International

Mitsubishi Corporation RtM International (RtMI) is the global headquarters of the mineral resources and metals trading business of Mitsubishi Corporation. RtMI is the result of an initiative by Mitsubishi Corporation to restructure, streamline and integrate its global resources trading business. company_profile RtMI leverages on the active investments that Mitsubishi Corporation has in mining and smelting facilities, trading in a wide range of metallic and mineral-based commodities, such as ferrous raw materials, non-ferrous metal, as well as precious metals. “Resource to Market” symbolizes our commitment to supplying quality minerals and metals to the market via sustainable means. Our raison d’être is to be known worldwide as the trusted and most reliable trading partner in the mineral and metal industry. In addition, we aim to harness the dynamic synergy of market intelligence and leading human resource management for the industry, as well as to expand our global network. In an ever-changing world, we always push to be a step ahead through our established arms all over the world.

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