MSD Ireland (Human Health)

MSD Ireland is one of the country’s leading healthcare companies, having first established here over 50 years ago. In order to understand MSD Ireland, it’s important to get a sense of the Irish pharmaceutical industry and the pivotal role it plays in Ireland’s economy as a whole. It’s a hugely significant sector, employing over 30,000 people directly, and approximately 28,000 indirectly. 10 of the world’s largest pharma companies are based here and there are approximately 75 pharmaceutical companies located in Ireland We are the 7th largest exporter of medicinal and pharmaceutical products in the world The sector is worth €39 billion annually in exports and accounts for 50% of all exports We currently employ approximately 2,700 employees, across six sites in Ballydine, Co Tipperary, Brinny, Co Cork, Carlow, Dunboyne and Dublin and, in addition, operate substantial Human Health and Animal Health businesses. In total to date, we have invested approximately $3 billion in our Irish operations and our annual turnover ranks us as one of Ireland’s top 20 companies. Significantly our Irish sites manufacture approximately half of MSD’s top twenty products, saving and enhancing lives in over sixty countries around the world.

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