Natural Cosmetics

Alba Group Ltd. specializes in the production of essential oils, Bulgarian rose oil, floral waters and natural cosmetics. It was established in 2009, continuing and expanding the family business, which was launched as early as 1991. Alba Group has two other distilleries in which other essential oils are produced /chamomile oils, pine, lavender, lemon balm, juniper/. The company closes the cycle and in 2012 started the production of organic and natural cosmetics, aroma therapy products and spa, as well as nutritional supplements in whose composition are invariably our natural bee products, essential oils and, first of all, our rose oil. In Bulgaria, two types of oil rose are grown: Rosa Alba and Rosa Damascena. In the past, the rose was grown in the city of Damascus, Syria, from where its name came from - Damascena. In the 13th century the rose was transferred to Turkey, then to Bulgaria and in the 17th century it was transferred to France. Temperate continental climate, sandy soil and mountain water are three main factors because of which Rosa Damascena finds the most favorable conditions for growing right here at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, in the Rose Valley, where the pink fields of the company are located. The rose bush reaches up to 2 m. height, and its root system reaches a depth of 5 m. Well grown, the oil rose lives about 25 years. The oil rose blooms once a year for a period of 25 to 30 days, with the collection starting around the middle of May. The pink color is collected entirely manually by skillful rose-pickers. Picking starts in the morning early from five to eleven hours after which the collected color is taken to our distillery, where its processing begins. So collected roses need to be processed within 12 hours to preserve the quality of the rose oil. The technology by which we extract rose oil is called water steam distillation. In our largest distillery there are 12 stainless steel saids dressed with wood for better thermal insulation. Each of the saids collects about 500 kg. fresh pink color and supplemented with hot water. The cana closes, steams off and after the tenth minute the mixture boils and starts the destimation process. The process lasts about two and a half hours, the result is rose water with a large concentration of rose oil. This concentrate is collected in the Florentine container from which, at a controlled temperature of 25 degrees, rose oil is separated from the rose water and extracted into the storage vessels. Rose oil, as well as other essential oils and floral waters, which alba group ltd. produces are used in the field of cosmetics, perfumery, pharmacy, etc. The company starts the production of natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics, bringing its essential oils and floral waters into the composition of finished products that are of high quality and guarantee consumers aromatic enjoyment, pleasure of use and positive cosmetic effect.

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