Nordtrade International is one of the leading Swedish timber agencies and exporters of sawn timber to Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. With twenty years of experience under our belt we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for both our suppliers and clients. This reputation is built on an extensive record of bridging together different cultures and facilitating long-term business relationships. Creating the conditions for a long and mutually beneficial partnership between suppliers and customers is our definition of a job well done. This sentiment constitutes the central pillar of our strategy and is reflected on every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned business with humble roots in the heartland of the Swedish timber industry as well as the nerve center of North African trade. This proximity, both cultural and geographic, has allowed us to create a substantial network on both ends of the industry and provided us with the resources to pair the right suppliers with the right customers. Since our first venture in 1998 we have worked with dozens of sawmills across Northern Europe to formulate and execute their strategies for North African markets. Throughout the years we have grown together with our partners, and so has the number of partners that we work with. Today we accommodate everything from local family-owned sawmills to multinational corporate groups — and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

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