New Zealand’s produce link to the world With over 30 years in the industry, Primor has developed a team of specialists who have acquired the expert knowledge and skill necessary to market a range of New Zealand produce both domestically and overseas. Primor is also actively involved in the import and distribution of produce grown overseas and marketed to New Zealand customers. Serving the produce world since 1988 Primor Produce Ltd. was established in 1988 having identified an opportunity and a belief that it could provide a more effective connection between growers and their markets. Realising that the talents of horticulturalists are best used for horticulture, we made it our business to build an operation that helped growers with the marketing, sales and administrative side of their enterprise. “we owe it to our growers to get their produce to the shelves in perfect condition. That’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly” JOHN CARROLL – DIRECTOR PRIMOR MILESTONES ON THE MOVE 2017 Primor moves its sales and administration head office to ‘The Orange’ in Eden Terrace. FOUNDING DIRECTORS RETIRE 2015 Founding Directors John Long and Michael Kember retire. Primor set up the first off-airport MPI Clearance facility for air-freighted imported produce. Earlier in the year, we set up a MPI Clearance facility to handle sea freight imported produce. MOVE TO STATE-OF-THE-ART PREMISES 2014 Relocated from Bowden Road to new Mt Wellington premises at Lockhart Place. This cool storage and distribution facility is where we introduced a state-of-the-art Avocado ripe centre. AVOCO LTD FOUNDED 2013 Avoco Ltd, a 50/50 joint venture Avocado export business with Southern Produce and Team Avocado is founded. Exports over 60% of NZ Avocados. PACIFIC ISLAND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT 2006 Pacific Islands business based in Pukekohe begins. Apata Ltd purchases shareholding in Primor. PRIMOR PURCHASES FIRST FRUIT & IMPORTS PREMISE 2001 Primor established a storage and distribution facility for fruit and imports at Bowden Rd, Mt Wellington. Primor had previously contracted these services out. Avanza Ltd, a collaborative market development business for avocado exports with two partners was founded. TED THOMAS JOINS PRIMOR 1999 Current Director Ted Thomas joins Primor. AUSTRALIAN SUPPLY FROM MT VIEW EXPORTS 1998 Commenced Australian supply from Mt View Exports in 1998. NZ AVOCADOS TO USA 1997 Send first NZ Avocados by seafreight to the United States market. FRUIT IMPORTS FROM USA 1996 Established US supply from DJ Forry of imports to Primor. AUSTRALIAN PARTNERSHIP WITH MONAGHAN FRESH PRODUCE 1994 Primor began their relationship with Monaghan Fresh Produce, who supply our Australian Grapes out of the Sunraysia area in Victoria, Australia. MICHAEL MCDOWALL JOINS PRIMOR 1992 Current Director Michael McDowall joins primor EMMETT FARRELL JOINS PRIMOR 1989 First avocado exports Cool storage and warehouse for our vegetable business opens in Kitchener Road, Pukekohe Head office relocated to Davis Crescent, Newmarket PARTNERSHIP WITH FOUNDING AUSTRALIAN SUPPLIER 1988 Vitor, Australia a founding supplier from 1988. Apata Ltd also a founding supplier. FOUNDED 1988 Retail focused produce supplier founded in July 1988 with an office opened in Manukau City. Three founding Directors John Long, Michael Kember and John Carroll.

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