Professional Hygiene System

R&L, Ltd is on the Bulgarian market since 9 years ago. We are importer and distributors of the paper consumables, detergence, fragrances and cleaning devices, all for the professional hygiene. We are trading company and we offer of our clients: service, consultations and training for the staff. Our principal target is to introduce and to execute in practice the world experience in this domain. The professional hygiene is a new branch in the Bulgarian Economy but with the incorporation of Bulgaria in the EU, this sphere becomes step by step more important and more necessary for the developing of the firms which work in the domain of the tourism, the food industry and the human health in generally. The policy of our company is oriented mostly to satisfy the needs of our partners and our clients. We take care about the specificity of their work, their peculiarities which is very important for the dally working that made R&L company at enough high level. Due to this policy in these days we are esteemed partners for the big companies on the Bulgarian market. We are developing the distribution network in the all country and our products are known in the different Bulgarian towns. We are offering to our clients big variety of different products for the professional hygiene: paper consumables as toilet tissue, paper hand towels, personal cover seats, hygiene bags, dozing systems for them, cleaning equipment, detergence and aroma’s products. The products which we are trading are produced by different European and American, leaders in these productions having high quality and better price at the same time which permit to our company to assure the maintenance of the professional hygiene at the enough high level in public place of our clients which we are servicing. R&L, ltd Company could negotiate and import by some special orders the specific products or some special brands according the desires and the preferences of our clients which not existing as general articles in our product list. The loyalty, the honesty and the flexibility of our firm are on the base of our policy and that’s the guarantee for our success at the present and in the future as well.

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