PROFINAS S.A.S is an importing, distributing and marketing company of industrial chemicals, reagents, equipment and laboratory instruments that seeks to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, for which it has a competent staff, with appropriate methodologies for the management of the products it distributes and the most appropriate infrastructure. In addition, it is committed to meeting its applicable requirements and continuously improving its Quality Management System, under a comprehensive risk management approach, to ensure excellent customer service and prevent potential events that may affect the achievement of its objectives. As a result, it seeks to obtain appropriate yields for the company's self-sustainability. MISSION PROFINAS S.A.S's mission is to provide chemicals, material and laboratory equipment to the health, education, food, pharmaceutical, metalworking, paper and environmental sectors, for the realization of its industrial processes and laboratory analysis. VISION To be a nationally leading company in the distribution of industrial chemicals, reagents and laboratory equipment, recognized for providing excellent quality products with a service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. HISTORY PROFINAS S.A.S. In other words, Associated Industrial Professionals, started its activities of supplying chemical raw materials to the industry in August 1965 in the city of Bogotá D.C. The above activities were supported by advising small and medium-sized industries, as their partners are Chemical Engineers. Over the years and to meet the demand of western Colombia, the santiago de Cali branch was opened in January 1969. In order to provide an integrated service, the divisions of: - Chemical reagents for industrial analysis. - Chemical reagents for clinical analysis. - Laboratory equipment and implements. - Raw materials grade U.S.P and commercial grade, for the manufacture of different medicines for human or veterinary use, edible products, or other types of elements. After 50 years of continuous service to the industry in the departments of Valle, Cauca, Nariño, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío PROFINAS S.A.S, it has acquired a market position characterized by good name in terms of compliance and seriousness in offers and supply of goods

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