Qizini Alphen

QiZiNi – the company specialising in making up fresh sandwiches, wraps, baguettes and rolls. We continually work to create innovative and new concepts in food. QiZiNi, the friendly food company, has been around in its present form for five years in 2016! The actual company has been around for much longer however – we’ve already been making the most delicious sandwiches for you, for 20 years. Our speciality is QiZiNi wraps and sandwiches – so very delicious! Then there’s our filled Italian paninis that you bake off at home. Check our product pages for our full selection. Sustainability Sustainability is key to QiZiNi. We are of the opinion that our products must be tasty but they must be made in a sustainable way. This means that we must continually reduce our ‘environmental footprint’, use sustainable ingredients and work hard on reducing (food) wastage. Pride in food We’re proud of all our products here at QiZiNi and really enjoy preparing the tastiest foods. You can actually taste this, any time you eat a QiZiNi product and our name reflects only fun and happy things – just try pronouncing our name without smiling! QiZiNi products: delicious and simple! Bon appetit, from all QiZiNi connoisseurs.

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