Robert Sas

Anticipating the needs of its customers, ROBERT SAS has developed progressively through the acquisition or creation of a subsidiary, offering a complete range of services adapted to the needs of companies in various sectors. Our offers also include the transport of our finished products thanks to our transport company ROBERT Fret, whose vehicles are specialized in the freight of steel products. This gives us the possibility of guaranteeing a certain flexibility to our customers. Long-standing partnerships with European suppliers also allow us to stay one step ahead by importing materials from the main world factories thus meeting the most specific expectations. ROBERT SAS is distinguished today by its service center equipped with high-performance machines which allow us to provide a service of exemplary quality. Indeed, its service center made up of 4 slitting lines, 8 unwinding lines, a cutting press and a punching machine, remains one of the most equipped sites in France. This is why our fleet of machines has unparalleled potential, particularly in terms of performance, and has enabled us to establish a solid reputation with our customers.

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