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Roche milestones We have been improving the quality of life of patients for over 100 years Roche Highlights Roche founder Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche was an entrepreneur-innovator who was convinced that the future belonged to branded pharmaceuticals. 1896 1896 Year of foundation and first successes «F. Hoffmann-La Roche & Co. Was created at a time when the industrial revolution was changing the image of Europe. On October 1, 1896, at the age of 28, Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche founded his company as the successor to Hoffmann, Traub, and Co. in Basel, Switzerland. He was one of the first to realize that the industrial production of drugs would be a major factor in the fight against disease. Since then, Roche has grown into one of the world's leading healthcare companies. First products Product development The first drugs Pharmacist Carl Sherges, the company's first director of research, and chemist Emil K. Barell demonstrated the presence of iodine in thyroid extracts. This led to the registration of the first Roche patent and the publication of the first scientific papers. The release of Ayodin marked the beginning of the production of a series of drugs for the thyroid gland of Roche. High hopes for wound antiseptic Product development Great hopes for antiseptic for wounds Roche begins production of the Airel wound antiseptic, originally developed by Hoffmann, Traub, and Co. The young company has high hopes for Airol in the German market. Roche buys a plot of land in the nearby Grenz commune in Germany and builds a small Ayrol factory. 12 Next 1897 1897-1914 Expansion and entry into the international market Roche soon began to expand. From 1897 to 1910, the capacity of the plant in Grenz, Germany, was increased, and the lion's share of production was moved there. Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche and his new partner Carl Meyerwein were able to quickly set up a network of sales representatives and subsidiaries in Europe and abroad. By 1914, Roche had opened offices in Milan, New York, St. Petersburg, London, Odessa, and other cities. Orange-flavored success Product development Good luck with the taste of orange Roche establishes the production of over-the-counter cough syrup, which contains an active ingredient of its own development, thiocol. Due to the taste of orange, the syrup almost immediately began to be in great demand. In 1898, it entered the market under the trademark

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