Scharfstein S.A.

OUR HISTORY We distinguish ourselves by designing customized solutions with quality elements 1947 1908José Scharfstein y Cia Ltda is founded in an office on Calle Huerfanos. The items sold were raw material for the Plastic Industry 1948 1908The Cia Importadora Scharfstein Soc. Anónima is created. President José Scharfstein 1950 1908New location with more space and amenities close to customers: San Francisco 10 1958 1908The company is dedicated to importing some goods that were not produced in Chile such as watches of different types, calculators, Summers and others 1965 1908The CIA is successful. It has a total of 9 collaborators and a line of industrial clocks is added such as Attendance Control Clocks 1967 1908By-product of the line of industrial clocks are added the Japanese AIPHONE Phones, today leaders in the national market. 1970 1908The approval of our telephone plants by the government is obtained with great difficulty. The commercialization of Japanese telephone equipment Nitzuko brand begins. 1972 1908Due to import prohibitions, the company is dedicated to the

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