Star South is more than just a supply chain; it’s a life cycle. Based in Wellington, South Africa, Star South serves four key groups across the diverse sector of fresh produce: fruit producers and retailers, both within South Africa and abroad. Since inception in 2003, we’ve grown our services to cover the retail, wholesale and processing sectors – with shipments tailored to individual needs in both quality and quantity. Besides becoming South Africa’s biggest importer of table grapes, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include citrus, stone fruit, pomegranates, apples, pears, kiwis, figs and dates – sourced across the globe. This means that clients have access to a year-round supply of quality fruit – made possible by our continually optimised supply chain. But Star South is more than just a supply chain; it’s a life cycle. It’s about creating connections – connecting good people with good prices and good, wholesome produce. This is why our relationships are everything; why we’ve mapped out a network of the most committed partners, to bear any load and to do so carefully. Because in an ever-changing landscape where seasons, weather patterns, crops and consumer demand can be so unpredictable, a sure means of navigation beyond the landscape offers a steady anchor.

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