TAY PLAST for Fiberglass

The company was established in 1988 in the name of TayPlast. The purpose of establishing the company was to manufacture fiber- glass G.R.P. (fiber glass reinforced plastic) at Borg EL Arab EL gadida. Due to the success achieved by the company, extensions were made in the company by adding new investors. A new company was established in the name of Tayby for fiberglass (TayPlast) whose purpose is to manufacture reinforced Plastic G.R.P. - G.R.E. according to the investment law no. 8 for the year 1997. The new company’s area is 6000 m². Help of the best experience of TayPlast and El Nasr Company of Glass and crystals were sought. Both companies are among the biggest public sector companies in this field. The company is managed by a group of specialist in this field among whom are: Engineer Khalid Mosaad EL taybi (General Manager of the company). He has 26 year experience in the management of fiber glass companies. Dr. engineer Mohamed Mosaad EL taybi (manager of development and quality control). Ph. D. in fiber glass, Paisley College of Technology, U.K. Engineer Ahmed Shawki (production manager). He has 24 year experience at EL Nasr Company for glass and crystal as manager of the fiber glass. Dr. engineer Ayman Abdel Aziz EL Midany, consultant of the company. He is among the staff of the faculty of engineering of Alexandria University (Ph. D. in reinforced plastic) General policy of the company: Working with respect to the international standard specifications and the origins of the industry and obtayning test certificates from approved centers and departments, while providing the highest service levels to our customers and guaranteeing the quality of the product through continuous control of the production and passing quality control test of the product before it is delivered to the customer, Providing after sale service.

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