About us TG FONE Shopping Online sells a wide variety of products such as mobile phones, IoT accessories and many other products. With selling points in leading department stores under the name of TG FONE, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, Realme, Xiaomi, Apple, iPad, iPhone, including online stores Whether it is under a website named There are also stores on the Marketplace, whether it is Lazada, Shopee, JD central, K PLUS Market, etc., under 4 main formats: retail, wholesale, modern trade and direct sales to business units With 28 years of experience, we are ready to serve our customers in every way. Whether distribution Product warranties, services both online and at our branches. Customers can contact and coordinate anywhere. In terms of promotions, TG FONE under the distribution of a wide variety of products. With cooperation from various brands, service providers, financial institutions, TG FONE has various promotions. Customers will find value and friendliness under

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