The company TNQ INTERNATIONAL is oriented to the development, production and marketing of surfactant raw materials for the cosmetics, detergents, agrochemicals, textiles, leathers, paper and food industries, among other applications. As part of its competitive development strategy, he has qualified as an Industrial User of Goods in the Palmaseca Free Zone. mission Provide Chemical Specialties that meet the Technical and Commercial expectations of customers and that are environmentally friendly, keeping us in constant innovation and continuous improvement for the development of the company and benefit of its members. vision To be recognized by customers of the Andean Region and Central America for the timely supply of surfactant raw materials of optimal quality. Quality Goals Our commitment is to be a company aimed at the Customer, with a clear strategic differentiation based on innovation, personalized customer service, quality assurance and solid support of our qualified human talent, through a Quality Management that involves every stage of the process and the product, interacting harmoniously and respectfully with our suppliers, employees, customers and the environment.

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