As the pharmaceutical wholesaling business division of TOHO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., TOHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD., and the Kyoso Mirai Group sell pharmaceuticals and develop and market customer support systems, always putting the satisfaction of medical institutions and patients first. Standing at a critical crossroads, the medical industry must transform itself with unprecedented bold ideas. We are committed to accommodating the wishes of medical institutions and patients by implementing a shift to a business model that focuses on value-added services. This involves delivering services that help our customers improve their operations and profitability as well as contributing to the establishment of a community comprehensive healthcare system. Also, we will continue to address the challenge of streamlining physical distribution by way of automation and other means to further ensure a stable supply of pharmaceuticals and other products even in times of disaster. Under the Group’s corporate slogan “Total Commitment to Good Health,” we are committed to winning the trust of patients, institutional customers, and other business stakeholders so that they can deal with us with peace of mind.

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