WMC provides you free of cost marketing services around the world.


WMC seeks its profitability in your business growth potentially.

How much does WMC charge you to promote your business & How We Serve You?

  • WMC will not charge you directly.
  • It is a win-win (free) business promoting strategy for our customers.
  • When your business reaches a business agreement through WMC wholesalers marketing strategy, you should choose one of the following supports:

a. Pay your chosen amount to WMC, it can be $1 or $100 or more. You can make a choice solely!

b. Send a Certificate of Appreciation to WMC saying (with help of WMC we assigned a business agreement).

  • We dominant a huge portion of markets niches by our Regional Marketing Managers around the world
  • Conducting online business-event gatherings for promoting your business products globally
  • Launching livestream online interviews with Entrepreneurs and buyers
  • We provide direct communication facilities between sellers and buyers
  • Conducting business product analysis, and allocating them promotional packages
  • Sponsoring your business promoting ads by our mass Media channels globally

Our Global Team


Mr. Shir Jan Musazai

ASIA Representative

phone :   +1 647 450 6178


Miss. Erin Lee

for Canada Toronto ON, Canada
+1 416 648 0560


Miss. Sana Kohistani

For Afghanistan
+93 731186712

Our Contracts

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