Established in 1947, nearly 70 years ago, Cast Iron Fittings Bulgaria® AD is the only Bulgarian manufacturer of industrial taps and fittings. The production is intended for water, steam and other installations for non-aggressive liquids operating at medium pressures and temperatures (PN16 and T ° max 250 ° C), with conditional openings from DN15 to DN800. • wedge gates for water and steam • gates with rubber wedge and sidewalk shut-off valves • shut-off valves • non-return valves • reducing valves • ammonia valves • purge valves • non-return valves • safety valves • filters • tap valves • fittings All valve constructions are developed according to BDS, DIN and EN. The company is a renowned manufacturer of fittings for water supply, steam installations, energy, reclamation facilities and others. The plant is also a sub-supplier of factories producing industrial equipment. The production is intended for plumbing and steam installations, energy, shipbuilding, etc. The company has a foundry and high-tech equipment. Cast iron fittings Bulgaria® AD also provides services to its clients related to the preparation of foundry molds, dies and tools for castings according to the project and customer specifications. This applies to both gray cast iron castings and ductile iron castings. The final processing of the production is performed on MAZAK precision machining centers of the latest generation . The manufactured products receive a finished look and corrosion protection on a modern painting line. In Cast Iron Fittings Bulgaria® AD there is a quality management system and the company has a certificate according to the requirements of ISO 9001 . The company supplies a wide range of valves and fittings to manufacturers whose final production is checked byBulgarian Ship Register, Russian Ship Register and German Lloyd . The quality of the products bearing the trademark of Cast Iron Fittings Bulgaria® AD is well known to customers in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Malaysia and others.

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