Diab Prosthetic Devices Company, based in Cairo, has more than 85 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing artificial limbs, electronic hands and all immobilization devices. We are representatives and agents of many international companies in this field. Our services cover a large area of ​​the Egyptian market. Paralysis devices Central paralysis: The location of paralysis is higher, i.e. in long neural pathways, known as pyramidal pathways of the spinal cord (spinal paralysis), or in the brain itself (cerebral palsy), for example after a stroke. The path of central paralysis is often convulsive, i.e. high tension of the affected muscles. Depending on the extent of paralysis, there is talk of unilateral paralysis (paralysis with only one limb), parapley (paralysis of the upper or lower extremities), quadriplegia (paralysis of all limbs) or parapley (paralysis of one side of the body).

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