It’s hard to measure on a graph. Breakthroughs in human dignity rarely make the news. Yet, we pursue it relentlessly, because it’s vital to every human being and profoundly linked to our health. Dignity doesn’t mean you get better from chronic pain and climb a mountain. It means you can walk across a room unnoticed, or hold your grandchild in your arms. Dignity means a rapid COVID-19 test when you need it, because we all deserve an answer. Dignity means you can sleep peacefully through the night, knowing your baby has the nutrition they need, no matter how you choose to feed them. Illness can steal the little moments we all take for granted. Health gives them back. It’s why we create life-changing cardiac, diabetes, pain management and testing technologies and pioneering nutrition. Our breakthroughs aren’t followed by parades, but by countless small victories. A normal night out. A steady heartbeat. Peaceful babies sleeping. A baseline of dignity. The opportunity to have the same bad Monday as everyone else. That simple, defiant act of taking back the tiny moments an illness took from you. A feeling so normal other people take it for granted. That space of time, once ordinary and now magical, where your body doesn’t demand all of your attention. That is what we demand for you, and what drives every breakthrough we make. Because we believe everyone deserves to live a full and healthy life.

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